Notion AI becomes public | Selling your AI prompts

January 2023

Writing a Book in Public + Launching on Product Hunt + Building a Midjourney Prompt Generator
Bonus: People getting offended by a book list

November 2022

Plus, it's Black Friday again

May 2022

Stoicism is the western tradition of mindfulness. In the last couple of years, this ancient philosophy became popular among tech entrepreneurs. But for…
Create new market spaces and make the competition irrelevant.

April 2022

For Digital Entrepreneurs
Don't let it be clubbed into dank submission
Easlo is a 20 years old digital creator from Italy. Last month he made $ 12.000, mainly by selling Notion Templates. And you too could do the same… With…
Zone of Genius, Medium Publications, Quora and Substack

November 2021

Or how to use the Forgetting Curve and Spaced Repetitions to remember everything!
5 learning hacks nobody told you in school